Digital Transfer Media Printers

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A Low Cost Solution

Our Digital Transfer Media printers feature full-color, fluorescent white and fluorescent colors, combined with true black printing. They are a unique and low cost digital solution for the short to mid run market, with a smaller footprint and half the weight of other leading models.

Exceptional Apparel

Create exceptional apparel such as T-shirts, logo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, aprons, tote bags, labels and banners up to 52" in length. Apply any artwork to both light and dark fabrics when combined with our premium or standard heat transfer paper for vivid colors, bright whites, glowing fluorescents, and true blacks.

The iColor 300 Series

UniNet presents the entry level iColor® 300 Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printer Series featuring full color, double white, and fluorescent toners combined with TRUE black printing. A unique and low cost digital technology for short run apparel, garments, and other media.

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The iColor 500 Series

UniNet presents the innovative iColor® 500 Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printer - An all in one production level printer, featuring CMYK plus white overprint and underprint capabilities. A unique and low cost digital technology for short to mid run textiles, labels, stationary, banners, hard sufaces, tattoos and much more!

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The iColor 600 Series

UniNet presents the revolutionary iColor® 600 Transfer Printer featuring All the same great features as the iColor 500, but with the added feature of tabloid sized printing. The iColor TransferRIP software is included standard.

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iColor TransferRIP Software

iColor's TransferRIP software gives you unprecedented control of the printing process. The RIP software saves white toner by 50%, and gives you color correction, image rasterization, cost estimation and layout capabilities. It allows you to manipulate each layer of color on-the-fly, without the need to make changes to the artwork file itself.

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Heat Presses

Using the right heat press is a very important part of the transfer process. UniNet is a Stahls Authorized reseller and offers a variety of presses and kits to help you get the job done right!

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