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iColor® 300/500/600 Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printers

UniNet presents the revolutionary iColor® Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printers, featuring full color combined with white overprint and underprint capabilities. A unique and low cost digital technology for short to mid run garments, labels, stationary, banners, hard surfaces and much more! The iColor® 300, 500 & 600 printers feature LED technology and low temperature fusing. This allows for the use of a variety of media and papers. Add the iColor® TransferRIP software for white overprint and underprint functionality, as well as color changes, image manipulation, rasterization, cost calculation and more!

iColor® 700/900 series Roll to Roll Digital Label Presses

Our iColor® 700 Digital Label Press is perfect for the short run label market. This compact digital printer, which boasts the smallest footprint on the market, allows users to make changes in-house at a moment’s notice. The iColor® 900 Production Digital Label Press is a solution that provides high resolution graphics, photos and barcodes on an array of die-cut, kiss-cut and continuous roll substrates for any market or industry on rolls up to 12.9". Both are capable of white underprint for clear or dark media, and allow for the upgrade to fluorescent, security and clear toner options.

iColor® LF700 Finisher

The iColor® LF700 finisher was developed to deliver optimum performance and value. It provides the most outstanding INTEGRATED finishing solution technology on the market, including lamination, contour cutting, waste matrix removal, slitting and final rewind, all in a single, compact footprint. Loading and unloading is simple and easy with this user friendly device.

UniNet iColor® LF900 Wide Format Finisher

The iColor LF900 Finisher is the perfect choice for your wide format label jobs, handling media up to 14" (350mm) wide! Its double cutting head option increases the speed of your regular finishing jobs so you can get to the next opportunity faster! Maximum cutting length of 31" (800mm) and independently controlled cut force controls makes the LF900 the most versatile and affordable wide format finishing option on the market today! Laminate, cut, matrix removal, slit and final rewind - an all-in-one solution for practically any job!

iColor® UV Digital Coating System

The iColor Digital UV Coating System is a modern UV & Aqueous coater capable of applying coating to on demand digital labels or cut sheets up to 10” wide by virtually any length. Whether digital output or offset, each job will have the visual appeal, lasting durability, protection and rub resistant finish that your customers expect! Optional feeder and rewinders make it a perfect solution for coating roll to roll media!

iColor® Matrix Remover/Slitter

The iColor® Matrix Remover/Slitter can unwind, remove the label matrix from a die cut label roll, slit thanks to one or more cutter blades, and rewind onto a 3" motorized core holder rewinder. The label matrix is the excess label material around each die cut shape, where ink or toner may settle after a full bleed printing process. The machine can also be used to only remove the label matrix or only as a slitting system. The matrix removal and slitting operations are performed simultaneously. It is a specific machine designed to handle die cut label rolls and ideal for all slitting needs.

What can you do with an iColor® Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printer?

Create Tshirts, aprons, tote bags, mousepads and more with white effects and a white underprint. Print labels on white, black or clear media with a white underprint. Privately brand labels of all shapes and sizes for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Produce stationary, menus, coasters, catalogs, brochures, invitations, envelopes and banners...Stickers, products tags, door hangers, point of sale signage, promotional material and much, much more!

iColor® 300 Series Digital Color Transfer Media Printers

The iColor® 300 series of Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printers a collection of LED heat-transfer printers that give you the ability to print on a variety of media and achieve the same rich, exact results whether you need to print 1 or 1,000. More than just a textile printer; the iColor® 300 series is the lowest-cost heat transfer solution for producing white and florescent printing on the market. Small businesses, groups, and clubs no longer need to outsource work or turn away business based on the size of an order.

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