Specialty Toners

A World of Printing Possibilities

Expand Your Capabilities

Expand your printing capabilities using UniNet iColor® Printing Solutions line of specialty toners, which can be used individually or combined with your full color design, in any of the iColor ® digital printers and presses to create vibrant images and stunning effects for a variety of markets.

iColor® Sublimation Toner

Now you can produce high quality, vibrant color prints for sublimation transfers onto polyester–based textiles, and sublimation coated hard surface substrates such as ceramic, metal, acrylic and more using your iColor® 500 or 600 Digital Transfer Printer. Toner based systems do not require priming or cleaning, nor is it necessary to use the printer regularly to prevent clogging of ink heads. UniNet iColor® Sublimation cartridges offer higher yields than competing ink sublimation systems and prints at much higher speeds for greater efficiency and productivity. Easily swap back and forth between regular toner and sublimation toner. Use one machine for several uses with iColor® Technology!

iColor® FluoToner

Colors that were once unachievable are now within reach using iColor® FluoToner. This ground-breaking toner technology allows users to create graphics that glow brightly under UV light. Use on everything from t-shirts and restaurant menus, to labels and signage to create unique and memorable items.

Absolute White® Toner

The white opacity of UniNet’s unique blend of toner is double that of any other brand, giving you the brightest whites and completely solid backgrounds to bring out the vibrancy of your colors. Leveraging experience as a manufacturer of toner for over 20 years, UniNet’s Absolute White® Toner formulation is unmatched in quality and performance, and is for use in all iColor printers. It allows users to create vibrant, bright white images on clear or dark substrates, as well as a spot underprint or overprint in one pass using iColor RIP software. UniNet’s patented Double White® technology produces rich image quality for applications such as cosmetics and beverage labels, invitations, stationary, heat transfer applications and more!

Absolute® Clear Toner

Absolute® Clear Toner is an advanced toner technology that enables spot satin gloss finishes. Users can flood an entire page for sheen and protection with a varnish effect, or use a spot application to make specific elements stand out. Using this transparent effect creates depth and contrast to further enhance the quality of printed output for use on invitations, product labels, menus, promotional materials, brochures, flyers, wine tags and more.

UniNet Security Toner

UniNet security toner contains special RF fragments which can be read by a reader. Most commonly used as a yellow cartridge, simply print a portion of your image in yellow for increased security and authenticity. The resulting print can be read by a special reader to confirm authenticity.