Affiliate Program

Thanks for your interest in becoming a UNINET® Affiliate!

Do you LOVE UNINET® products and like talking about all the great things you can achieve with your printer? Want to get paid for doing what you love?

The UNINET® affiliate program allows new or established influencers to use their notoriety to draw users to the UNINET® IColor™ website and benefit from the resulting sales.

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UNINET® Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • Standard 5% commission for qualified referred sales (subject to change, contact us for more information)
  • 5% commission on your own orders (unless you have special pricing already setup)
  • 10% bonus on any commission earned, if you convert your commission to store credit to be used at
  • Exclusive affiliate-only promo codes and offers

In order to become a UNINET® affiliate, you need to:

How It Works:

Once accepted into the program, you will have access to a section of the website that allows you to create custom URL’s you can cut and paste on your social media profiles and videos that will track back to you in order to earn commission. The Affiliate portal can also be used to run a report of referred sales. Payments are made monthly via zelle or converted to store credit for a 10% bonus at your request (our accounting department will work with you on this monthly).


Creating Affiliate Links

  • For example, if you wanted to promote the IColor™ T.Seal you could provide this long link to users (the regular URL followed by YOUR unique affiliate key): Sheet-Lasts-Up-To-500-Presses-A3-117-in-x-165-in?rs=YOURKEY
  • Or you could simplify to the shortened quick link to our products (just use and add the IColor part # to the URL followed immediately by YOUR unique code):
  • Or if you want to just generically link to the site without mentioning a specific product, you would just use:
  • You can tell if you are in an active Affiliate Session by looking at the very botom of the website, below the copyright info. If it has an active session it will show “KEY: ” and the code that activated the session. Example below:

Discount Codes

  • We might be able to combine this program with a discount code you can distribute to enhance users to click your link.

Session Activation

  • The session will be active for 7 days from the time the user clicks the link. All products purchased during that session are commissionable (not just the product link they clicked).

Running Reports

  • You can run a report anytime to check your results, UNINET® can pay this monthly in the form of a statement credit or check/Zelle.