Digital Stock Art Collections

Provide customers with high quality artwork while saving time and money with these collections of full color, royalty-free stock art images. Each collection contains 500 designs in a variety of categories, including sports, occupations, holidays, and more.

All IColor™ transfer printers are shipped with 25 complimentary graphics selected from our full collection of 2,000 files. Once purchased, the user is granted a lifetime license for unlimited use. 4 libraries to choose from with 500 graphics each.

Each stock art collection includes:

  • Physical Copy - USB Memory stick with 500 full color raster stock art images, a hard copy book and a digital PDF file to preview all graphics.
  • Digital Copy – Direct download of all 500 images and a digital PDF file to preview all graphics.
  • Files saved as 14" high-resolution PNG files with transparent background
  • Instructions for importing stock art into variety of graphics programs
  • Stock art can be used on Mac or PC, and can be customized with type, logos, and color changes. Files are compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and other image editing software and can be imported directly into RIP software for direct printing.