Absolute White

Turn your home printer into a solution for printing crisp and striking solid white designs onto any colored or dark-colored paper stock, textiles and hard surface substrates with a snap of your fingers.

You have a hobby, and that is creating bold, beautiful things. It could be anything, an inviting dark colored pillow or a sleek black t-shirt with your very own statement in white print. But, you are not quite ready to jump into a high-end IColor™ printer just yet. So, you look at your esteemed home printer and wish it could print your dreams in white.

And then, you remember the magic words: you tell yourself “Absolute White Toner”.

Bingo, just like that, your home printer has now upped its game. The little monster is now poised for printing crisp and striking solid white designs onto any colored or dark colored surface, be it paper stock, textiles or hard surface items. And it is the lowest cost solution for white toner printing in the marketplace, by the way. Magic. Absolute White Toner magic.

If you can snap your fingers, you can Absolute White Toner.

As simple as that. Just remove the black toner cartridge from your home printer, replace it with an Absolute White Toner cartridge and you are good to go. It doesn’t take a wizard to effortlessly print white graphics onto any dark-colored substrate, textile or hard surface products with Absolute White Toner.

Elevate your whites to the power of IColor™ Paper.

Say you are printing a superb white graphic on a textile surface. That is exactly when you want to make sure that white is as white as it can possibly be. Then, make sure you get your hands on IColor™ two-step Standard or Select Transfer Paper. Same goes for hard surface products. If you want immaculate white, then you want to get IColor one-step Premium Hard Surface Transfer Paper. If you are working on print stationery applications, you can print directly to any colored paper stock suitable for laser printing.

Absolute White RIP license now included with every Absolute White Cartridge purchase.

Use the Absolute White RIP in conjunction with swapping the black toner for white in regular CMYK laser printers!

Printing FULL color images can be a challenge because you have to design a specific white layer in addition to the color layer, and run the paper through the printer twice and rely on the printer to line up the images on the same page. This is a tedious process that previously required advanced editing software and knowledge. UNINET's Absolute White RIP does it all for you! It will analyze a full color image, and then create a matching white layer (with automatic choke) to make 2 pass printing as easy and reliable as possible.

The software includes important features such as:

  • Automatic Rasterization (with options to adjust shape and size of the rasterization)
  • Black color removal
  • Automatic mirror
  • PDF creation (2 pages, color and white)
  • Manual white layer shift (to compensate for registration deviation)

Transfer paper is fed through the printer twice, but all of the manual design work required to do this efficiently is now automated.

A free license is now included with all UNINET® Absolute White branded white cartridges (for printers other than IColor™), which will have a page count limitation matching the yield of the cartridge purchased. When the page counter depletes, you simply buy a new Absolute White cartridge and the page counter is refreshed, or: Purchase the unlimited use, 1,500 or 5,000 page count license versions (based on 5% white toner page coverage) of this software, which can be used without restriction and with other (non-UNINET® Absolute White) cartridges.

Download the software to try before you buy! All graphics will have a watermark until software is validated.

Product Specifications


Print and Transfer

Apparel: T-Shirts, Aprons, Tote Bags, Pillow Covers and More

Hard Surface: Ceramic and Metallic Mugs, Awards, Wood Boards, Trophies and more

Printed Directly From The Printer

Stationery, Sheet Labels, Invitations, Cards, Flyers, Envelopes, Menus, Signs, Decals, Window Cling and more


  • Coated
  • Uncoated
  • Kraft
  • Cardstock
  • Or any colored paper stock suitable for laser printing
  • Sheet labels, any colored or clear sheet labels suitable for laser printing
  • Heat Transfer Papers


Absolute White Toner Cartridges can be used on a wide variety of HP and Canon Laser Printers such as:

  • HP Color Laserjet Pro 200 / M251 - CF210A (131A) (1,600 pages) (Part# AW133657)
  • HP Color Laserjet CP5220/5225 - CE740A (307A) (7,000 pages) (Part# AW133718)
  • HP Color Laserjet Pro CP1025 - CE310A (126A) (1,200 pages) (Part# AW133954)
  • HP Color Laserjet Pro M252N - CF400A (201A) (1,500 pages) (Part# AW134715)
  • HP Color Laserjet Pro M452 - CF410A (2,300 pages) (Part# AW135163)
  • HP Color Laserjet Pro M552DN - CF360A (508A) (6,000 pages) (Part# AW135323)
  • HP Color Laserjet Pro M254DNW - CF500A (202A) (1,400 pages) (Part# AW135910)
  • HP Color Laserjet Pro M254/280/281DNW (CF500A (202A)) & Canon LBP620C & MF640C Series (054)(1,400 pages) (Part # AW112225)
  • Canon LBP630C & MF650C Series (067)(1,350 pages) (Part # AW112454)