DTF Direct-To-Film Printers

A Brand You Trust With Features & Support You Can Rely On.

High-quality output to produce sharp lines and fine details, along with very lost cost per page makes UNINET® DTF the right choice for you and your business. Print and transfer onto light and dark-colored fabrics and use an almost unlimited variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, nylon, canvas, blends and much more! Each system ships with a full starter package with training to help you hit the ground running!

DTF 100

The UNINET® DTF 100 printing system features cut sheet transfer film printing, white ink circulation system, ProRIP software and training. The UNINET® DTF 100 produces durable and intense color print and is professionally modified and enhanced by UNINET®. Choose this system if you are NOT batch printing and need the convenience of one at a time, cut sheet printing with manual adhesive application.

  • Accepts transfer sheets up to 13” wide
  • WICS (White Ink Circulation System)
  • DTF Sheet Exit Tray - to guide the transfer sheets out of the printer after they have been printed and avoid the paper getting buckled or caught by the rollers (prevents film curling and ink smearing).
  • Ink Tank System (no cartridges needed) which is easy to maintain
  • Print speed: up to 10 square ft / hr (~8 A3 pages / hr)
  • 1440 dpi

DTF 1000

The UNINET® DTF 1000 printing system features a bi-directional roll feeder, white ink circulation system, vacuum, RIP software and training. It is built to perform for the short-volume production of exceptional quality and full-color print transfers for the digital apparel decorating market, which can be applied to light and dark-colored garments. Choose this system if you will be batch printing and / or need the convenience a roll feed system with manual adhesive application (automated powder and curing system option COMING SOON)

  • Accepts rolls up to 13” wide
  • Vacuum-enhanced printing area for better ink adhesion and avoidance of film buckling
  • Print speed: up to 13 square ft / hr
  • 1440 dpi
  • WICS (White Ink Circulation System)
  • 6 Channel Technology (for White and CMYK)
  • XL White Ink Tank and Advanced Continuous Feed System
  • Humidity Sensor

DTF 3300

The UNINET® DTF 3300 features an embedded roll feeder, In-line powder application and curing machine and comes with RIP Software and training. It gives you the tools you need to expand and grow your apparel decorating business and branch out into new product lines for higher-margin returns. It combines a transfer film printer with an automated powdering and curing system to produce the most stretchy, long-lasting, gentle-to-the-touch, and brightly colored digital transfers possible. Choose this system if you require higher volume batch printing and / or need the convenience a roll feed system with an automated powder and curing system.

  • Accepts rolls up to 13” wide
  • Vacuum-enhanced printing area for better adhesion and avoidance of film buckling
  • WICS (White Ink Circulation System)
  • DUAL Printheads
  • Continuous Ink Tank Feed System
  • Humidity Sensor
  • DTF Powder Application and Curing Machine Included

DTF 6000

The UNINET® DTF 6000 printing system features 2 next gen printheads, embedded roll feeder and in-line powder applicator. With a productivity output of 200% to 400% more than DTG systems, it comes as no surprise that UNINET® DTF 6000 system is being assimilated into print shops of all sizes. This reliable 24" wide large format printing equipment brings together the perfect match: a powerful transfer film printer and an integrated roll feeder system with an automated powdering and curing unit for a continuous printing operation. The DTF 6000 is with you every step, enabling you to produce hundreds of unrivaled quality transfers for apparel, sportswear, accessories, home décor, and other one-of-a-kind items. Available in 2 head and 4 head configurations.

  • Accepts rolls up to 24” wide
  • Dual Printhead Technology (1 Printhead for White and 1 Printhead for CMYK) - doubling the output and 1/2 the time over 1 printhead systems
  • Continuous Ink Tank Feed System
  • Humidity Sensor
  • XL DTF Powder Application Machine Included
  • Upgrade ready – double your output with 4 printheads which allows for the output of up to 180 sq feet per hour

DTF Heat Stations

This is the NEW GENERATION HEAT STATION is used as an in-line addition to any DTF printing setup, featuring adjustable temperature and time controls. High-quality design designed for curing DTF powder to the film ensures reliability and long-lasting use. Available in A3 and A2+ sizes.

DTF consumables, media, solutions and more

UNINET® provides everything you need to succeed with your equipment. Transfer film, ink, maintenance solutions, adhesive powder and more are readily available and quality assured for the highest performance.