Media & Consumables

Certified Label Media

IColor offers a full range of quality consumables and substrates that ensure a professional final product. Avoid using inferior quality media that can jam or damage your printer by utilizing consumables designed specifically for IColor printers.

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Transfer Paper

UNINET has done extensive testing and R&D to come up with a variety of transfer media and add ons to satisfy nearly any situation or job. Available in a variety of sizes, these papers allow you to express your creativity affordably. For use in the IColor 300, 500 and 600 series of transfer printers.

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Specialty Toners

We go beyond standard four color printing with a number of specialty toners and toner upgrades. Whether you need security toner that can be scanned by a reader, nearly invisiible clear toners to provide watermarking or authenticating items, or fluorescent toners that produce stunning designs that glow under black light, IColor has the toner solution that meets your needs.

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