Discover the UNINET® UV DTF™ 3000 Transfer Printer.

It uses UV-curable inks and advanced direct-to-film digital transfer technology to print on adhesive media catering to produce medium- to high-volume pressure-sensitive decals or stickers suitable for application on a variety of non-porous hard surfaces such as metal, paper, plastic, ceramic, wood, vinyl, glass, and more.

Harness the powerful capabilities of the UV DTF™ 3000 Transfer Printer, which boasts an exceptional 17" wide roll feed printing capacity. It provides an all-in-one solution for automated printing, varnishing, and laminating detailed 3D high gloss effect designs with vivid colors and sharp edges.

Hard Surface Customization: Unbounded Expansion Opportunities.

The UNINET® UV DTF™ 3000 transfer printer provides a revolutionary way for hard surface decorators to custom imprint on a variety of hard surface goods and materials, with exceptional print quality, durability, cost savings, quick turnaround, and a wide range of applications aimed at helping them expand their product offerings and increase their business opportunities.

  • Monetize your Digital Transfers: Print and store thousands of designs for lucrative sales opportunities down the line.
  • Profit from Personalized Consumer Products: Leverage the creative freedom this customization method offers to create boundless, marketable finished products like accessories, promotional products, home décor, sporting goods, and more.

Access Diverse Markets with Unlimited Application Potential.

The UNINET® UV DTF™ 3000 extends its application capability across various industries, making it a valuable technology for many sectors seeking customization and innovation, enhancing product customization and visual appeal.

  • Decorative Decals: Ideal for producing decals for skateboards, cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.
  • Product Labeling: Perfect for durable, detailed labels for products exposed to harsh environments.
  • Promotional Products and Branded Merchandise: Create custom promotional items such as pens, USB drives, phone cases, tumblers, and other gadgets.
  • Home Décor: Print output for custom decorative pieces that add a distinctive touch to any home environment, such as glass panels, ceramic tiles, wooden furniture pieces, tabletops, wardrobe doors, and more.
  • Sporting Goods: Produce custom designs to decorate helmets, skateboards, surfboards, and more. Ideal for customizing or branding equipment for teams or individual athletes.
  • Packaging Prototypes: Ideal for businesses looking to produce quick, high-quality packaging prototypes. This is particularly valuable in the design process, allowing multiple iterations and tests before final production.

Numerous Advantages Are Available with the UNINET® UV DTF™ 3000 Transfer Printer.

  • Versatility: Print one or multiple on-demand designs simultaneously. Ideal for irregular or curved materials that cannot withstand the high heat required in other transfer methods.
  • Durable Output: Produces exceptionally durable, resistant to abrasion, water-resistant, and UV exposure decals or stickers, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Simple Product Application: It offers a simple application process that eliminates the need for weeding, enabling direct placement onto the desired surfaces.
  • High-Quality Printing and Detail: Produces high-quality prints with vibrant colors and excellent detail. The quick curing process helps maintain sharp edges and fine lines.
  • Efficiency: The printing process is quick due to the rapid curing of UV inks, allowing for fast and cost-effective print production cycles compared to other methods that require longer drying times.

Some Key Features:

  • Three high-definition industrial-grade Printhead-Ready System
  • Equipped with 18 Channels capacity for high versatility, advanced color management, extended color gamut, and improved white ink and base layers management.
  • Printing Speed up to 50 sq feet (5 sq meters) per hour (8 pass / 1440 DPI)
  • Max Printing Size 420mm x 200 meters (16.5 inches wide x 656 feet)
  • WIMS (White Ink Management System) - Professional white ink circulation system
  • Large 350ml ink tanks for each ink color and varnish
  • Provides an upgraded ultra-wide gamut color scheme - six colors plus white - as opposed to existing systems that only use four colors.

Superior Quality Three Printhead Technology.

This printer boasts a remarkable high-definition industrial-grade three-printhead capability designed to seamlessly accommodate up to four printheads. While UVDTF printing equipment typically requires only three printheads (with many UVDTF printers utilizing only two), the UNINET® UVDTF™ 3000 surpasses competing models significantly in its capacity and versatility.

Printing System Includes:

  • UNINET® DTF™ ProRIP™ Advanced RIP Software features exceptional file preparation, white and color management, production automation functionality, and more.
  • Built-in laminator (for in-line print and automated lamination).
  • Rolling Stand.
  • UNINET® UVDTF™ Inks & Varnish - Eight Liters for each color and varnish.
  • UNINET® UVDTF™ A & B Film Rolls- Two 328 Feet Film Rolls.
  • UNINET® DTF™ Starter Bundle (Hygrometer, Maintenance Solutions and Accessories).
  • 2-hour virtual onboarding training and support.
  • World Class Service and Support direct from UNINET®.
  • UNINET® USA 12-month warranty.

Stunning Total Worth!

12-Month USA Warranty: UNINET® offers a 12-month warranty that pertains to the replacement of faulty materials during the first year from the date of purchase of the machine (except for damage caused by the user or other circumstances that do not depend on manufacturing defects). Consumable parts are excluded from the warranty, such as print heads, capping stations, dampers, and inks (such consumable parts are available as spare parts if needed).

What's NOT Included, But You May Need:

  • Windows® 10 or higher computer (PC) with an available network port. If a network port is not available, a separate USB gigabit ethernet adapter will need to be purchased.
  • A humidifier (to keep the humidity above 50% in the print room) is recommended.
  • Five small funnels (for ink filling).
  • Personal Training and Technical Support*.

Due to its ink-based nature, this printer needs continual use. Ink blockage, extended maintenance cycles, or print flaws may occur if the printer is not used frequently or if maintenance protocols are not followed.
Optimal outcomes may be attained by making required modifications to the temperature and pressure settings while using the UVDTF application procedure. Some substrates may need the use of adhesion promoter chemicals to clean the surface and enhance the quality of adherence effectively.


For optimal safety, it is highly recommended to operate within a well-ventilated environment and utilize appropriate Protective Equipment, including masks and gloves, particularly when engaging in activities involving specialty printing and curing products such as DTF, DTG, UV, etc. Due to potential hazards associated with fumes and processes, exercising caution is paramount.
Users are reminded that the utilization of all specialty ink printing equipment and associated supplies, encompassing inks, chemicals, powders, etc., carries inherent risks. Thus, users assume sole responsibility for their usage.
Additionally, it is essential to maintain an environment conducive to optimal performance, with recommended humidity levels ranging from 50% to 70% and temperatures between 75°F and 80°F. This practice helps mitigate potential issues such as ink clogs and film buckling, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.


  • PRINT SPEED: Up to 40 sq ft
  • INK TYPE: UV Ink / UVDTF Ink
  • INK COLORS: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, White, Varnish
  • INK CAPACITY: 0.5 liter each tank
  • MAX MEDIA WIDTH: 17 inches
  • PRINTER VOLTAGE: 110v - 10Amps
  • PRINTER DIMENSIONS: 53.5” L x 20” W x 23” H (without stand)
  • WEIGHT: 313 lbs.