iColor® 350

A4/Letter Size Toner-Based Dye
Sublimation Transfer Printer

iColor® 350

On-demand full color toner-based dye sublimation transfer printer for in house production of apparel, textile and hard surface transfer markets.

UniNet reinvents dye sublimation with the iColor® 350, the industry’s first of its kind toner-based Dye Sublimation Transfer Printer. The iColor® 350’s dedicated platform for dye sublimation transfers has been optimized for top quality printing, high performance, and superior reliability in a tabletop-sized footprint. The iColor® 350 is an on-demand printing solution for short to mid-run dye sublimation transfer production of garments, hard surfaces and much more!

Unlock the Power of Toner-Based Dye Sublimation

The iColor® 350 incorporates its specially formulated dye sublimation toner technology for production of high quality, durable and vibrant color prints. This system uses heat to transfer images in a one-step process onto white or light-colored polyester-based textiles and sublimation-coated hard surface substrates.

Our toner formulation was smartly developed to serve as a carrier for the sublimation process, which transitions from a solid to a gas state. The result delivers cost-efficient, permanent transferred images that permeate the substrate, versus standard heat transfers where the image is applied to the top of the substrate surface.

The iColor® 350 printing system puts an end to priming of ink-delivery systems, cleaning of ink printer heads, and all maintenance associated with standard ink-based dye sublimation printing devices. It is also uniquely suited to ensure higher yields and prints at much higher speeds than competing ink-sublimation systems, delivering greater efficiency and productivity.

Enhance Your Apparel and Hard Surface Decoration Business

The UniNet iColor® 350 offers on-demand and high-performance printing capabilities for dye sublimation transfers to transform a plethora of polyester-based textiles and sublimation coated hard surface substrates such as ceramic, metal, acrylic, UniSub, DynaSub, SubliBoard and more. Create a wide variety of garments, cell phone covers, awards, flip-flops, bags, coasters, ceramic mugs, home decor and more.

iColor® Dye Sublimation Paper

Our iColor® dye sublimation paper enables users to express their creativity affordably. Users can conveniently print with regular copy paper, but for outstanding high-quality image results can alternatively use iColor® dye sublimation paper which is certified to work with the iColor® 350 Transfer Printer.

iColor® 350 Offers Sublimation Without Limitations

  • No printer maintenance required: No clogging or printhead cleaning resulting from non-use like ink-based systems; toner-based systems do not have this maintenance issue
  • Provides superior durability – over 150 wash cycles
  • Toner-based dye sublimation delivers softer transfers for garment decoration
  • Ensures significantly extended yields and lower imaging costs
  • Features significantly faster print speeds: 20 pages per minute vs. 1 page per 2 minutes for ink (photo mode), suited for production level environments
  • Toner-based dye sublimation produces better pastels and gradients with a wider color gamut for vibrant and true-to-life color reproduction
  • Keep printing costs low by using regular copy paper instead of expensive dye sublimation media
  • Does not require special software
  • Much longer expiration date on toner; ink expires within one year
  • Included ICC color profile for the most accurate colors possible

iColor® 350 System Specifications

  • Print Speed:
  • Up to 20 ppm
  • Processor:
  • 350 MHz
  • Duty Cycle:
  • Up to 30,000 pg/mo.
  • Duplex:
  • Standard
  • Memory:
  • 256MB RAM
  • Resolution:
  • Up to 2400 x 600 dpi
  • Emulation:
  • PCL6c/5c, PostScript3 emulation, PictBridge 3
  • Operating Systems:
  • Standalone and network - Microsoft Windows® 7 / 8 / 10 (x32 & x64); Macintosh OS X Native V10.9-10.12
  • Interfaces:
  • 10Base-T/100Base-TX, IEEE 802.11b/g/n, NFC Tag, USB 2.0 High speed Type A (For Pictbridge, Scan to USB Flash Drives)
  • Paper Cassette:
  • 250-sheet Legal/Letter/Universal
  • Paper Sizes (Min./Max.):
  • A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, Legal, Letter, HLT, Executive, F, Foolscap, Folio, Envelopes (Com10, Monarch, C5, C6, DL) Custom size: (Min.) 90 x 148 mm, (Max.) 216 x 356 mm
  • Paper Weight:
  • Standard Tray: 60 - 160 g/m; Optional Tray: 60 - 105 g/m; Bypass: 60 - 160 g/m; Duplex: 60 - 90 g/m
  • Size:
  • (WxDxH): 15.8" x 17.7" x 12.6" (40 cm x 45 cm x 32 cm)
  • Weight:
  • 62.4 lb. (28.3 kg)
  • Power:
  • 120v & 230v