Matrix Remover & Slitter

IColor™ Matrix

IColor™ Matrix Remover and Slitter Overview

The IColor™ Matrix Remover and Slitter can unwind, remove the label matrix from a die cut label roll, slit thanks to one or more cutter blades, and rewind onto a 3" motorized core holder rewinder.

The label matrix is the excess label material around each die cut shape, where ink or toner may settle after a full bleed printing process. The machine can also be used to only remove the label matrix or only as a slitting system.

The matrix removal and slitting operations are performed simultaneously. It is a specific machine designed to handle die cut label rolls and ideal for all slitting needs.


  • Power Supply: 100/240VAC - 2.5A at 24V Power Supply
  • Dimensions: Height: 25.59" / Width: 35.43" / Depth: 19.68"
  • 4 Blades Included
  • 3" Fixed Core Holders
  • Maximum Outside Roll Diameter 9.84"
  • Maximum Label Width 8.66"
  • Minimum Slitting Width 0.98"
  • Manual speed Adjustment
  • Label Rewinding Face-Out only