White Toner Transfer Printers

Lowest Cost, Feature Rich Solutions

UNINET® IColor™ White Toner Transfer printers have all the features to help your business grow. Choose the IColor 540, 560 and 650 for full-color plus brilliant white with options for fluorescent and sublimation toner kits, combined with true black printing. If medium to high-volume digital production of apparel and hard surface products is your sweet spot, choose the IColor™ 800W with the lowest cost of ownership, the whitest whites and most brilliant color reproduction in the industry. For sublimation only prints, the IColor™ 350 can handle the job! All IColor™ printers are unique and low cost digital solutions for the short, mid and high volume transfer market. Create exceptional textiles such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, and aprons, as well as gifts and awards on hard surfaces such as metal, acrylic, ceramic and wood.

The IColor™ 800W

Jumbo XL Sized Digital Color + White Digital Transfer Printer

  • Low cost, toner-based, heat-transfer solution for full-color plus white printing!
  • Production level printing speeds of up to 45 pages per minute
  • Astounding toner yield – 35,000 pages CMY; 25,000 pages W (rated at 5% coverage)
  • Printing costs at least 50% lower compared to competing models
  • IColor’s unique white printing technology to produce white text and graphics for dark colored fabrics and substrates. IColor™ white toner is the whitest, brightest and most opaque toner available!
  • Amazing 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution with a color gamut delivering up to 50% more colors than competing printer models
  • Ability to produce amazing dark blacks due to its wider color gamut
  • Included IColor™ ProRIP software allows for white overprint and spot print functionality in one pass and allows for proper transfer of half tones.
  • 10” Color Smart Tablet built in for on demand support videos and documentation
  • Duty cycle up to 200,000 pages / month
  • Optional rolling cart for floor standing model
  • Virtually no maintenance required; no clogging and no daily printhead cleaning

Print and press onto textiles and hard surfaces of almost any kind; print full color labels, stationary, banners, and invitations; design and apply your own temporary tattoos, and much more!

The IColor™ 540, 560 & 650

Digital Color + White White Toner Transfer Printers that take the place of 5 different pieces of equipment

  • The ability to print white as an underprint AND an overprint in the same machine, in one pass, using the IColor™ ProRIP software.
  • The white opacity of UNINET’s unique blend of toner is double that of any other brand, giving you the brightest whites and opaque backgrounds to bring out the vibrancy of your colors.
  • The true black cartridge is included with all printers, allowing you to switch to CMYK mode to print items such as brochures and menus when white is not needed.
  • Optional dye sublimation, fluorescent, security, gold, silver and clear toner cartridge kits.
  • Easily swap back and forth between regular and specialty cartridges, eliminating the need to purchase separate machines to accomplish each function.
  • No maintenance associated with ink based machine is necessary, IColor™ Digital Transfer Printers are toner based systems

These unique systems are all in one, short to mid run level printers. Print and press onto textiles and hard surfaces of almost any kind; print full color labels, stationary, banners, and invitations; design and apply your own temporary tattoos, and much more! Add optional specialty toner upgrade kits such as dye sublimation, fluorescent, clear and security toners at any time to expand the functionality of your machine quickly and easily!

IColor™ 540

IColor™ 560

IColor™ 650

The IColor™ 350

A4/Letter Size Toner-Based Dye Sublimation Transfer Printer

  • No printer maintenance required: No clogging or print head cleaning resulting from non-use like ink-based systems; toner-based systems do not have this maintenance issue
  • Ensures significantly extended yields and lower imaging costs
  • Features significantly faster print speeds: 20 pages per minute vs. 1 page per 2 minutes for ink (photo mode), suited for production level environments
  • Keep printing costs low by using regular copy paper instead of expensive dye sublimation media
  • Does not require special software
  • Much longer expiration date on toner; ink expires within one year
  • Included ICC color profile for the most accurate colors possible

The IColor™ 350 is a unique, low cost and versatile on-demand printing solution for short to mid run dye sublimation transfer production of garments, hard surfaces, and much more!

IColor™ ProRIP Software

Software to help you take control of your printing projects

Use the IColor™ ProRIP software to print white or clear as an underprint* or overprint in one pass. Gain unprecedented control of the printing process and print vibrant colors on clear or dark media regardless of the background to which it is applied, where the white is put down first and the colors afterwards. The IColor™ ProRIP’s ‘Color Mapping’ feature also allows for ‘Reverse Printing’ when printing and transferring to textiles or hard surfaces, where white is put down last. This is the only way to achieve a white underprint or overprint in one pass - an exclusive feature of the IColor™ 540, 560 & 650 series printers. The IColor™ ProRIP helps with cost esimatmation, color manipulation and removal, rasterization, distressed images with advanced layout tools and much more. Manipulate each layer of color on-the-fly, without the need to make changes to the artwork file itself.

* IColor™ 800W does not have white underprint feature.

IColor™ SmartCUT Software

Easily print oversized images on letter/A4 sized printers with UNINET's optional IColor™ SmartCUT software. Use any oversized graphic, and the software will split it in half along the most logical path. With this software, you can make oversized garments that are typically not possible even with the most expensive of printing systems because you can gang up as many transfer sheets as you want. The program works as an integral part of a decorating system, where the split pages are printed onto IColor™ Standard transparent transfer media. The sheets are then lined up visually on the substrate through the transparent sheet – the results are virtually imperceptible by even those who know that a seam exists.

Heat Presses

Using the right heat press is a very important part of the transfer process. UNINET® is a Stahl's, GeoKnight, and Insta Authorized reseller and offers a variety of presses and kits to help you get the job done right.