I Go-Getter

Discover why the IColor™ 560 dominates the competition as the best toner-based digital transfer printer on the market.


Notable Distinctions

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The I GO GETTER, IColor™ 560
Ships with a black toner and drum cartridge, allowing switching to CMYK mode to print items such as brochures and menus when white is unnecessary.
Equipped with innovative White Underprinting® Technology, a unique capability that allows printing graphics on clear or dark surfaces without needing heat pressing. Suitable for printing clear labels, clear window cling, menus, invitations, stationery, calendars and more.
Includes a duplexing option for printing on both sides of a sheet of paper when printing on regular paper for non-transfer-related printing.
Comes with a free collection of graphics to use with your projects.
Ships with the White Toner Notebook. A guide introducing fundamental knowledge to lead the user into creating marketable finished products.
Provides the option of using specialty toner cartridge kits to modify the printer and function depending on the toner cartridges used.
Optional Dye Sublimation Cartridge Kit for printing and pressing onto polyester or poly-coated hard surface items.
Optional Fluorescent Toner Cartridge Kit for printing and transferring images that glow under black light.
Optional Gold or Silver Toner Cartridge Kits to print gold or silver accents on your paper non-transfer-related projects, such as dark or clear paper, labels stock, AquaClear™ for candles, window cling signs, magnetic paper, and more.
Optional Clear Toner Cartridge Kit to print glitter-finished graphics for textile applications and to create spot satin gloss finishes on invitations, product labels, menus, promotional materials, and more.

Some Differences

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The I GO GETTER, IColor™ 560
IColor™ 560 boasts superior features and benefits priced at $3,999
Offers fewer benefits at a substantially higher cost of $7,999
UNINET® offers prompt tech support, and free replacement parts in case users experience issues with the equipment.
Doesn’t send free repair parts, and only offer onsite service.
Double the print resolution at 2400 x 600 dpi
Features lower printing resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi.
Professional Training: The printer includes a White Toner Notebook and the White Toner Master Class Video Series. Also, customers use our website for training, including instructional and support videos.
Comes with a Remote Support Tablet.
Ships with the IColor™ ProRIP™ Essential Software, which comes ready to print on a wide range of IColor™ specialty papers, opening a world of printing possibilities: Tattoo paper, magnetic media, sticker papers, banner papers, window clings, dark stocks, and more.
Comes with a basic version of RIP Software and only prints on supported transfer media.
Includes the exclusive SmartCUT™ Software, a RIP Enhancement program to split oversized graphics greater than tabloid and A3.
Doesn't offer the option for splitting oversized graphics.
Double the toner, ships with a FULL 7,000-page fluorescent white toner cartridge.
Ships with a regular white toner cartridge with a maximum yield of 4,500 pages.
White Fluorescent Toner, our special formulation, features the brightest, most dense, and opaque white toner available, setting a new benchmark standard in the industry.
Ships with regular white toner cartridge.
Equipped with a top-of-the-line printing engine.
Uses a print engine that is nearly 10 years old.
Offers faster processing speed rated at 8 seconds to the first page out.
Slower printing with 16 seconds to the first page out.
Capability to connect to your network via Wi-Fi (as well as hardwired network and USB.)
Doesn't have Wi-Fi printing capability; must be hardwired.

Same Benefits

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The I GO GETTER, IColor™ 560
Prints white as an overprint on top of color in one printing process for transfer-related projects.
Prints and presses onto the same range of materials and substrates.
Offers hassle-free maintenance compared with ink-based printers.
Ability to swap between black and white cartridges.
Ships with RIP software to control the amount of white printed over color.
Features single pass printing.
Uses safe 1 or 2 Step Transfer Paper instead of DTF powder.