Outshine the Competition: The IColor™ 650 Printer Unleashes Limitless Advantages for Creative Expansion!

1. Enjoy exclusive patented technology with the capability to white overprint® and white underprint® in one pass with the same equipment.

This distinctive advantage of the IColor™ 650 lies in its exclusive capability to perform both overprint® and underprint® in one pass using the same printer. This patented feature, exclusive to the IColor™ series, positions the IColor™ 650 as the market's sole white toner printer, unlocking boundless creativity for textile, apparel, and hard surface customization. Redefine possibilities and stand out in the custom decorative industry!

2. Unveiling the advantages of IColor™ 650's innovative White Underprinting® Technology.

White Underprinting® offers several noteworthy benefits. This unique capability allows printing graphics on clear or dark surfaces without needing heat pressing. By positioning the white cartridge from the printer's rear to the front, users can print white FIRST instead of last, creating a white layer underneath the color in a single printing process.

Another significant benefit is the enhanced print intensity achieved by the white layer, which effectively obstructs the color of the underlying material. This is particularly valuable for applications such as clear labels, decals, and clear window cling signs, where the vibrancy of the print is crucial.

The notable versatility of White Underprinting® extends to decorating a wide variety of items, including candles, model cars, and other home décor items. It also enables the reproduction of white text and graphics on dark or colored paper, making it suitable for creating menus, invitations, stationery, calendars, and more opening many creative possibilities, and ensuring high-quality results on a variety of surfaces and materials.

3. Including a black toner and drum cartridge, allows you to convert the printer to CMYK mode to produce items like brochures, menus, and more when white toner isn't required.

The IColor™ 650's black toner and drum allow it to function as a conventional laser printer, avoiding the need to purchase an extra hardware component when white printing is not required. While its primary use is in the printing of non-transfer-related materials, it can also be used in transfer printing projects such as 'All Black' transfers that use rich black printing and with Presto Paper transfers. Easily print by replacing the black cartridge with the white cartridge.

The Crio 8432 WDT and OKI Pro 8432 WT printers do not come with a black cartridge as a standard feature. The black cartridge must be purchased separately, and the user must upgrade the firmware and install new drivers.

4. Its advanced toner technology comprises the most opaque and bright white toner on the market today.

The UNINET® IColor™ 650 printer comes with a fluorescent white toner cartridge and drum, as opposed to the Crio 8432 WDT and OKI Pro 8432 WT printers, which come with a regular white toner cartridge. Fluorescent white toner has distinct advantages because it is brighter by nature, increasing the vibrancy of all colors with which it interacts, exhibiting a glowing effect under black light, and proving useful for creating eye-catching white text and graphics on dark-colored paper and garments.

UNINET's patented white toner formulation is widely regarded as the most opaque and dazzling white toner on the market today. This outstanding formulation guarantees that the IColor™ 650 creates prints with unrivaled brightness and opacity, making it the ideal option for applications requiring bold and eye-catching white graphics.

5. The overall ownership costs of the IColor™ 650 are more economical compared to those of the competing model.

The IColor™ 650 includes a generous package featuring a complete 10,000-page yield fluorescent white toner cartridge and drum as standard. In contrast, the Crio 8432 WDT and OKI Pro 8432 WT printer’s white toner cartridges yield only 4,500 pages. The IColor™ 650's native ProRIP™ software enhances efficiency by minimizing the required quantity of white toner per graphic by up to 50%, thereby substantially decreasing print costs per page and significantly saving. Moreover, this optimization contributes to improved color quality prints and a final product that is softer to the touch and more durable, thanks to a thinner white layer. Also, the ProRIP™ software in the IColor™ 650 intelligently identifies areas of a graphic with a density of 70% or more, eliminating unnecessary white toner overprinting and enabling users to save on white toner usage. When the Crio 8432 WDT and OKI Pro 8432 WT printers' white overprinting is enabled, it generates a white overprint at 300% for the whole image, regardless of whether it is required. This indiscriminate application produces graphics with a heavier feel on the material, incurring higher production costs, making the IColor™ 650 a more cost-effective and precise solution.

6. Boasts higher printing resolution compared to the Crio 8432 WDT and OKI Pro 8432 WT printers.

The IColor™ 650 boasts superior printing resolution at 1200 x 1200 dpi, setting it apart from the Crio 8432 WDT and OKI Pro 8432 WT printers, which offer a 1200 x 600 dpi resolution. This higher resolution introduces a distinctive level of 'crispness' to images produced by the IColor™ 650. The importance of feature becomes significantly pronounced when transitioning to sublimation toners. With 1200 dpi, the IColor™ 650 reproduces transfer images with exceptional detail, producing sharp and vibrant prints.

This enhanced resolution contributes to its printed output's overall quality and precision, making it the ideal choice for those seeking top-tier image reproduction.

7. Benefit from larger internal memory and a faster processor.

The IColor™ 650 outshines its competitors by delivering superior performance, courtesy of a larger internal memory and a swifter processor. With an impressive 1GB of memory, it surpasses the Crio 8432 WDT and OKI Pro 8432 WT printers, both equipped with a more modest 256MB. Additionally, the IColor™ 650 sets the pace with a faster processing speed, boasting an impressive 6.5 seconds to the first page out. This substantial reduction in wait times significantly enhances overall printing efficiency, a notable advantage over the 9.5 seconds offered by the Crio 8432 WDT and OKI Pro 8432 WT printers.

8. Experience the IColor™ 650’s innovative and intuitive touchscreen display.

In contrast with the Crio 8432 WDT and OKI Pro 8432 WT printers, the IColor™ 650 incorporates a touchscreen display offering a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing for easier navigation and control of the printer's functions. Users can quickly access various settings and options with a simple touch, enhancing the overall user experience. Furthermore, the physical buttons eliminate the need for regular maintenance and cleaning, reducing the chances of any malfunctions or disruptions in the printing process.

9. Enjoy flexible Wi-Fi network connectivity.

The IColor™ 650 presents unparalleled connectivity options, allowing users to link up via Wi-Fi, hardwired networks, and USB. In contrast, the Crio 8432 WDT and OKI Pro 8432 WT printers lack Wi-Fi capability, relying solely on hardwired connections. This distinctive feature of the IColor™ 650 enhances flexibility in network connectivity, especially in scenarios where running physical network cables is challenging or impractical. The inclusion of Wi-Fi facilitates versatile device placement within a networked environment, providing users with optimal adaptability and convenience.


10. The IColor™ 650 comes equipped with the advanced IColor™ ProRIP™ and SmartCUT™ software comprehensive packages.

The equipment is shipped with a comprehensive and advanced version of the IColor™ ProRIP™ Software, surpassing the basic RIP included with the Crio 8432 WDT and OKI Pro 8432 WT printers. The IColor™ ProRIP™ is paired with the SmartCUT™ Software offering enhanced features:

The Integrated SmartCUT™ RIP Enhancement software, enables the seamless splitting of oversized graphics exceeding tabloid and A3 dimensions. The outcome is an image pressed onto textiles that surpasses the native printing size of the printer. Also include a 'Real Preview' function and a 'Selective Masking Tool', allowing to easily rasterize or distress elements of your design with a simple point-and-click, based on color or shape.

Moreover, the integration of ICC profiles for ALL IColor™ branded transfer papers ensure trouble-free printing and covers our extensive range of transfer papers and media.

Dedicated print queues further optimize functionality, offering options for printing white as an Overprint™, Underprint™, CMYK printing, and Spot color printing, primarily catering to gold and silver toner applications. This comprehensive software package ensures a seamless and versatile printing experience across various media and design intricacies.

11. Enjoy the IColor™ 650 Duplex Printing Capabilities

The IColor™ 650 includes a duplexing option for printing on both sides of a sheet of paper when printing on regular paper, this function is helpful for non-transfer-related printing projects. The Crio 8432 WDT and OKI Pro 8432 WT printers do not include this feature.

12. The IColor™ 650: A Creative Revolution unleashed.

The IColor™ 650 is accompanied by a complimentary graphics package, enriching your experience with the freedom to personalize custom apparel or hard surface decoration projects. In contrast, the Crio 8432 WDT and OKI Pro 8432 WT printers do not include a complimentary graphics package, making the IColor™ 650 an all-inclusive solution that adds extra value to your creative endeavors.

13. Experience a robust learning experience, empowering to unlock the full potential White Toner Printing.

The IColor™ 650 includes the White Toner Notebook as an integral part of your initial training and exploration into the fascinating and boundless realm of White Toner Printing. This comprehensive guide is packed with tips, tricks, and invaluable instructions designed to swiftly familiarize you with the technology, laying the foundation for creating marketable finished products.

Furthermore, you gain access to the Quick Start White Toner Master Class Video Series. This series consists of meticulously crafted video modules, each offering a variety of chapters featuring hands-on instructions and more. Together, the White Toner Notebook and the White Toner Master Class Video Series ensure a robust learning experience, empowering you to unlock the full potential of your printing equipment with confidence and skill.

14. Empowering versatility with the option of using specialty toner cartridge kits to flexibly modify the printer functions.

The IColor™ 650 offers the flexibility to utilize specialty toner cartridge kits, allowing users to modify the printer's functionality based on the specific toner cartridges employed. This adaptable feature enables customization to meet diverse printing needs and achieve varied results depending on the chosen toner cartridges. Unlock multiple applications with the versatile IColor™ Printing technology, enabling you to use one printer for several purposes. In contrast, the Crio 8432 WDT and OKI Pro 8432 WT printers do not include this valuable option.
Available toner kit options:
Sublimation Toner for printing and pressing onto polyester-based textiles or poly coated hard surfaces.

  • Its advanced dye sublimation dry toner technology enables you to effortlessly transfer stunning and vibrant images onto sublimation-coated hard surfaces, or textile guaranteeing long-lasting and high-quality prints.
  • Say hello to dye sublimation without the complication of clogged printer heads from non-use, waiting for the ink to dry, smudging, ghosting, and bleeding.
  • IColor™ toner dye sublimation features vastly faster print speeds up to 35 pages per minute versus 1 page per 2 minutes when using ink-based entry level printers.
  • Experience no clogged printer heads resulting from non-use. Toner based systems eliminate this maintenance issue altogether.
  • Sublimation toner does not have expiration date compared with ink-based printing systems’ ink which expires within one year.
  • Offers the flexibility to use regular copy paper when printing your transfer instead of a special paper.
  • Provides lower costs per page versus ink-based printing systems.

Fluorescent Toners: Take advantage of IColor™ FluoToner™, bringing previously unachievable colors within reach. This innovative toner technology lets users create vibrant images that radiate vibrantly under blacklight UV lights. It produces a striking effect and illuminates graphics transferred to garments, restaurant menus, labels, and signage for a distinctive and unique look.

Gold and Silver Toners: Transform your non-transfer projects with the elegance of Gold and Silver Toners, enabling you to imprint captivating gold or silver accents. Perfect for a range of materials including regular paper, label stock, AquaClear™/Waterslide transfer paper, magnetic paper, and beyond. Elevate your creations with a touch of metallic sophistication.

Clear Toner is an advanced toner technology that enables spot satin gloss finishes.
  • Use spot application to make specific graphic elements stand out.
  • Further enhance the quality of printed output for use on invitations, product labels, menus, promotional materials, wine tags and more.
  • Also used in conjunction with the IColor™ Glitter Adhesive Paper for Textile Transfers. The purchase of the optional IColor™ Clear Cartridge system is required since using white toner as an overprint will block out the glitter effect. Clear toner ensures a good bond between the transfer and the adhesive sheet but is transparent to clearly show the glitter.

Security Toner: This unique toner formulation incorporates specialized RF fragments that can be detected by a reader device. Typically employed as a yellow cartridge, printing even a portion of your image in yellow enhances security and authenticity. The resulting print can be verified for authenticity using a dedicated reader, adding an extra layer of assurance.

15. Experience the industry's most comprehensive selection of transfer paper options, catering to a wide spectrum of custom decoration projects.

UNINET® offers an extensive range of transfer paper options, along with banner paper, window cling, label/sticker media, and magnetic media, all compatible with the IColor™ 650 white toner printer. Our dedicated support team is readily available to assist and guide you whenever you require assistance.

16. Unlock Success: The UNINET® IColor™ 650 – Your Gateway to a Full-Spectrum Printing Experience!

Upon acquiring the UNINET® IColor™ 650 digital white toner transfer printer, you gain access to a comprehensive end-to-end printing powerhouse. This includes full-capacity software, professional training, stellar customer support, and over 25 years of experience and expertise. This integrated solution positions itself as the optimal choice for both you and your business.