You already have best-in-class digital white toner printing equipment.

Now, you and your business can be in a class of its own.

Your future. Our business.

Boy, do we mean it!

Chances are you recently got a new UNINET® IColor™ digital white toner printer; or maybe you’ve been marveling at yours for a while but are apprehensive.

Whatever it is, now’s your chance to learn everything there is to know about the UNINET® IColor white toner transfer printer superpowers.

The UNINET® IColor™ White Toner Master Class Video Series was specially designed with a single objective in mind: Giving you all the knowledge needed to inspire you to grow your business even more.

KISS (Keep It Simple... Son)

When you acquire a UNINET® IColor™ white toner transfer printer, you don’t just get a “business-in-a-box”; you get the ultimate tool to create marketable and professional finished products. Of course, along with that comes a host of high-end features that could likely have Albert Einstein frown. But that’s why Richard Shannon, your master white toner printing expert put ‘simple’ as the guiding principle when designing the UNINET® IColor™ White Toner Master Class video series.

It’s all hands-on. It’s less storytelling and more story doing.

Your needs and your wants.

You finally got what you wanted: A UNINET® IColor™ digital white toner transfer printer.

Now you need to squeeze the most value out of it and could use a tip or two.

The combination of white toner, software and digital transfers can be a powerful one and the UNINET IColor™ White Toner Video Series will coach you through what it takes to fully succeed at creating a wide variety of marketable finished products including apparel and hard surface items.

The UNINET® IColor
Master Class content:

Unmissable to the last ounce.

Over six hours of video training, split up into seven compact modules, each touching on a shared theme, each spot on so you get exactly what you need to move on to the next step. Each of the seven modules includes a variety of carefully crafted chapters with hands-on instruction and much more.

These training videos are relevant to all the White Toner Printer brands and models.

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On your coach,
Richard Shannon -
Entrepreneur & Instructor.

Richard Shannon has over 10 years of experience operating a business in the apparel decorating industry. Over the years, that knowledge has been shared through engaging instructional videos on his youtube channel "Brands & Empires". His engaging, entertaining, and practical teaching approach makes even complex subject matter approachable.

How to join the UNINET® IColor™ Master Class Video Series

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